Schoolyard Learning Landscape

This vision plan was created as part of a larger neighborhood master plan. The school community was looking to engage kids in outdoor learning, while also enhancing its relationship to the surrounding neighborhood. Learning zones were identified to integrate evidence-based understanding of how children learn outdoors. Proposed zones offer children a range of opportunity for physical, social and emotional growth through experiences with nature and environmental learning. Because this is a literacy-focused school, outdoor reading areas were featured and literacy-based elements were envisioned for other zones.

Along with outdoor classrooms and other learning areas, the vision plan includes ways for the schoolyard to act as a neighborhood park for the surrounding community. The Literacy Lounge at the entrance to the school offers seating and a courtyard feel to be a welcoming entrance to the school. Pocket fruit tree orchards are located at the edges of the property for neighborhood residents to pick.


Location: Winston Salem, NC

Client: Cook Literacy Model School

Completion Date: In process

Awards: 2019 Regional ASLA Recognition Award for Communication

Services Provided

Visioning | Conceptual Design | Community Engagement

Project Goals

Integration of nature into play | Integration of food growing opportunities | Creation of opportunities for environmental learning | Development of opportunities for nature awareness