Schoolyard Greening

A tree for every child, a forest for every school

The goal of the Forest Forsyth project of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is for every student in the district to be a part of reforesting their schoolyard and for every schoolyard to be a part of the city forest of our region. This document aims to serve as a starting point for the work of foresting schoolyards, celebrate all of the greening work already going on in the district, and inspire new tree planting efforts at schools in Winston-Salem.

The document contains information about the academic benefits of schoolyard planting projects; an overview of steps to get started; a resource book of schoolyard greening ideas, including examples from across the district; tree-planting lesson plans for teachers at all age levels; and a list of resources for this collective effort.


Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Client: Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools

Completion Date: 2018

Awards: 2019 Regional ASLA Honor Award for Communication

Services Provided

Visioning | Community Engagement

Project Goals

Integration of nature into play | Integration of food growing opportunities | Creation of opportunities for environmental learning | Development of opportunities for nature awareness | Stormwater Mitigation | Habitat Creation