Rooftop Ecology

The Garage Apartments in Asheville, NC demonstrate how even a small roof can make a big impact on the ecological health of the city. The new plantings are the first step in developing a dynamic urban community that supports native pollinator populations, reduces heat island effect and allows the rain that falls at this spot to infiltrate and evapotranspire more like it would in nature. 

The living roof also demonstrates how leftover spaces in the city can be reimagined and reinvigorated. The plantings were designed to support native plants in a very intentional way, creating a pocket of beauty in an unexpected place. 



Location: Asheville, NC

Completion Date: Summer 2017

Collaborators: Living Roofs, Inc.

Awards: 2019 Award of Excellence - Greenroofs for Healthy Cities

Services Provided

Planting Design | Research

Project Goals

Place activation | Reduction of stormwater runoff | Creation of wildlife + pollinator habitat | Mitigation of heat island effect