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Fletcher Estate

The property is pastoral in character with rolling, gentle hills and mountain views. Large scale planting design and installation had to bridge the gap between formal / natural and cultivated / wild. This was done by creating an illusion of effortlessness in the garden with balance of structure and softness as well as formality and naturalized forms that are always present yet change throughout the year. Plant material contributes a visual interest through foliage, stems, blooms and fruit. 

A large pond was built and in order to improve the water quality a bio-filter was installed. Hardworking emergent plants and edge species filter the water as well as integrate the pond into the landscape. Plant material was selected for aesthetic qualities as well as wildlife food and habitat, particularly for songbirds and pollinators. 


Location: Fletcher, NC

Completion Date: Ongoing

Services Provided

Conceptual Design | Planting Design

Project Goals

Water quality improvements | Creation of wildlife habitat | Enhanced nature awareness