Pocket Park

The Passageway is a 1970s-era walkway that had fallen into disuse and is currently being redeveloped. The new design for the Passageway aims to honor the original design while adding in new artistic lighting and ecological plantings throughout the space. The new Passageway will serve as a strong example of ecological design in downtown Winston-Salem. This site will demonstrate to the entire community the ability for ecologically oriented plantings to address specific environmental concerns in a downtown environment, while at the same time, bring a restful and green refuge to our downtown. Ecological improvements include reduction of stormwater runoff, improvement of water quality, reduction of heat island effect, and provision of habitat for birds and pollinators.



Location: Winston Salem, NC

Client: Downtown Winston Salem Partnership

Completion Date: In process

Collaborators: Osgood Landscape Architecture, Robinson Design Engineers

Services Provided

Conceptual Design | GIS Mapping | Grant Writing | Community Engagement

Project Goals

Place activation | Reduction of stormwater runoff | Creation of wildlife habitat