We excel at developing a vision and telling the story of what a place can be. We help people learn more about their site - its ecology, history, context and user needs - and use this as the lens through which we uncover the story of that specific place. The key to all of our projects is a sensitivity to how people find connection with their environment. 

We are strategists. We help communities build consensus, prioritize next steps and fundraise to help that idea come to life. We plan for programming and use of space, with a special concern for creative community engagement, environmental awareness and the integrity of urban ecological systems.

  Kathryn Blatt   Ancaya,   PLA, LEED AP  Partner   

Kathryn Blatt Ancaya, PLA, LEED AP


  Kristen Ford Haaf,   AICP, LEED AP  Partner   

Kristen Ford Haaf, AICP, LEED AP


  Laura Evans  Associate                                                            

Laura Evans