Mapping Urban Waterways

The Living Creek Project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Roots First, public artist Betsy Towns, urban historian Mike Wakeford, and biologist Louise Allen. The Living Creek Project connects people to the city's waterways through meaningful, place-based engagement, integrating historic interpretation with community storytelling and citizen science. Coordinating efforts of scholars, civic advocates, residents, and educational institutions, the project will produce an on-site exhibition and related public programming, interpretive historical signs, and a publicly-accessible field guide to the history of local waterways.

Roots First Design contributes to overall visioning and concept formation and has generated maps and infographics of the hidden hydrology of downtown Winston-Salem, as well as created subject specific maps of creek systems, including floodplains, macroinvertabrates, riparian vegetation, and cultural history. Additionally, Kate and Kristen have led public design workshops on storytelling and visioning around urban waterways with other Living Creek Project organizers.


Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Completion Date: Ongoing

Collaborators: Betsy Towns, Mike Wakeford, Louise Allen

Services Provided

Provided: Site Research | GIS Mapping | Grant Writing | Community Engagement

Project Goals

Placemaking | Ecological Expression