Reimagining the Land: Planning for Brownscape Redevelopment

An investigation of brownfields policy reveals that urban areas with a concentration of former industrial activity are not adequately served under current parcel-based policy frameworks. These areas of brownfields concentration are often located along river and rail corridors. In these “brownscapes” a more appropriate way to approach redevelopment may be to look to the ecological processes and human use patterns associated with the larger corridor to guide redevelopment activities on a parcel-by-parcel basis.

This study, completed for the Landscape Architecture Foundation, explored how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) could be used to establish a methodology for a corridor-based planning approach to be applied to the redevelopment of brownscapes.



Location: Philadelphia, PA

Completion Date: May 2007

Funders: Landscape Architecture Foundation, ESRI

Services Provided

Visioning | Research | GIS Mapping | Planning + Analysis

Project Goals

Ecological connectivity | Development of placemaking strategies