Asheville Bathhouse

Plants are vital to our outdoor environments for many reasons; several of these - cooling and cleaning the air and providing visual interest - reach indoors as well. At Roots First Design, we jump at the opportunity to bring the regenerative properties of plants across the threshold. The integration of plants into a healing environment like a bathhouse is an obvious place to make this happen. Bada Bastu wanted plants to be a major design feature in the otherwise spare space and looked to Roots First to develop concepts incorporating indoor plants in fresh and unexpected ways.

Roots First worked with Andrew Hayes to design a series of suspended steel trays that were strong enough to support the potted plants while maintaining a light, weightless appearance.


Location: Bada Bastu, Asheville, NC

Completion Date: Scheduled for October 2018


Andrew Hayes, Fabricator

OUTRA, Interior Designer

Services Provided

Conceptual Design | Product Sourcing | Planting Design

Project Goals

Air Quality Improvements |  Enhancement of Visual Environment